This town is located 12 kilometres far from the farm. It has a 6.000 inhabitants population approximately and it is the center of the district of Mágina. It has a great industrial and commercial activity and it should be visited.
The older part of the town was declared Artistic Historical Monument. Its church is the main element and it is a clear example of the Spanish Renaissance. It was built between the XVI and XVII centuries.lt was designed by Andrés of Vandelvira and the builders were Andrés of Vandelvira and Diego of Siloé.
    Another important monument is the the Dukes of Alburquerque´s castle. It was destroyed partially by the French troops during the War of the Independence.
Other places that should be visited are the  Virgin of the Fuensanta´s Hermitage and the Center of Forest Defense.



  • Easter: This popular festival is really important here because many persons of the town take active part in this celebration.

  • 1st weekend in May: Festival in honor to the Virgin of the Fuensanta.


  • 1st weekend in July: Festival in Cabrita.

  • Last weekend in July: Fair of the “Plaza Nueva” (a quarter of Huelma)

  • Last weekend in August: Huelma´s fair  and  its  Trade Exhibition of Sierra Mágina's Natural  Park

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