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What to visit?
Natural Park of  Sierra Mágina

- Natural Park of Cazorla

- The Spanish Renaissance: Ubeda and Baeza

- Granada: The Alambra

- Jaén

- Cordoba

"el Agüelo" cottage

It´s within the rural spot of “Cabrita”, in the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina,
 placed between the Gargantón and Gualijar rivers and surrounded
by olive trees and vegetable gardens.
The views of the Natural Park from this house is really wonderful and , in sunny
days, it is possible to see the National Park of Sierra Nevada
from the distance, too.
Besides, you can look at near villages such as Solera  (with its magnificent
castle, which is lighted at night) or even watch the  “Lucero tower”
(an Arabc tower placed between Bélmez de la Moraleda and Bélmez).

With a strategic emplacement nearer than an hour far from the monumental cities of Úbeda and Baeza,Granada, Jaén or the Natural Park  of Cazorla.



Cabrita is a hamlet which is formed by a great amount of detached farmhouses, cottages and mills. They are interconnected by a vast number of roads, paths and tracks. It´s situated in the South-east hillside of the Mágina massif, in the township of Huelma. It´s 12 kilometres far from Huelma and 6 kilometres far from Bélmez de la Moraleda. Apart from that, it´s a place where water sources are quite usual (Garganton´s source, Guadalijar´s source and a countless number of minor fountains).Cabrita has a landscape value of outstanding beauty and an incalculable ethnologic worth (for example, rocks which represent certain figures, a rural landscape that is full of tiny smallholdings where small farmhouses abound, traditional vegetable gardens and mills along the watercourses...)

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